About Our Office

Regular dental visits are essential to make sure oral health problems — from tooth decay to oral cancer — are detected and treated in a timely manner. At our office, your oral health is our paramount concern. We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great! From regular cleanings and exams to advanced restorative treatments, all of your routine dental needs can be met right here.

State of the Art Digital Radiography

Digital radiographs (x-rays) use less radiation than traditional radiographs and are available for viewing immediately.

With the Planmeca ProMax system, we are able to take most radiographs extraorally... which means no more scratchy pieces of cardboard in your mouth to take x-rays!

Florida Probe System

Excellence in periodontal (gum and bone) care begins with careful measurement of the tissues surrounding the teeth. The Florida Probe system provides the most accurate way to track your periodontal health, and allows us to give you a customized report at your dental visit.

Diode Laser Treatment

As a member of the World Clinical Laser Institute, Dr. James employs a diode laser for periodontal surgery when needed. Use of the laser ensures the patient the most comfortable post-operative recovery available.

In addition, the laser can provide relief for those suffering from occasional TMJ (jaw joint) pain.

Implant Treatment

Dental implants have been one of the greatest advances in restoring missing teeth developed in recent years. Our office works with excellent local oral surgeons to ensure the best possible results for your customized treatment. Come in and see how dental implants can restore function and beauty.

Other Services

Our office offers a full range of restorative and preventative services. Please call (970) 874-8071 to begin your journey to oral health.

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